Rock -n- rollRobert Bean / CEO- HARBORBOYSTUDIO
Born: West Minster, California on 11/14/1975, Bobby lived in Ashtabula Ohio most of his life and has a way of making things happen for artists of all walks of life. Given his background and love for music has allowed him to set his goals on having a career in the recording/ audio engineer industry. This has given him an advantage over most engineers/ producers. He is well-versed in the production of not only music, but also, videos, photography, and the promotional aspect of the business. Bobby is able to adapt to any environment and any style. With business on his mind, Bobby founded HARBORBOY STUDIO (April 2015) and is ready to reach the goal of the career he has always wanted. His dedication to music has allowed him to gain experience in a wide variety of studio environments, equipment, consoles, and he is willing to put in the work for any project. With reasonable rates for recording, you’re guaranteed a quality product that everyone will enjoy.